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Why Marathon?

Updated: May 17, 2020

Why Marathon? Of all the Florida Keys destinations a visitor can choose from, what makes this location special other than being recognized as the fishing capital of the world?

A variety of attractions, activities, and local events makes Marathon one of those special “Do It All” destinations. Rather than being touted as a raucous, party town, Marathon is more of a family-oriented destination. Ecotourism plays a large role in shaping the activities a visitor will enjoy in Marathon.

The Dolphin Research Center, Crane Point Hammock Natural History Museum, and the Turtle Hospital, are but a few of the activities enjoyed by visitors. There are guided tours of beautiful Pigeon Key and Flagler’s Railroad Museum located there. Even a leisurely stroll along the historic Seven Mile Bridge out to Pigeon Key during the cooler part of the day is a winner, both for the scenic beauty as well as for the exercise.

Snorkeling and diving on Marathon’s beautiful reefs is quite popular, and there are numerous dive shops in town to get you geared up and on the water. Sombrero Reef is one of the most gorgeous reefs and popular snorkel/ dive sites in the Florida Keys.

Even the sunsets are unique in Marathon. Take it from one who has lived here in the Keys since 1974, there is not a more beautiful sunset location than at the east end of the Seven Mile Bridge.

Lodging ranges from a host of simple, no frills “mom and pop” motels to exclusive destination resorts that provide every imaginable amenity. And Marathon also offers great dining from a large array of restaurants and delicatessens. Two very popular seafood spots among the locals are The Castaways and Keys Fisheries.

Being geographically located in the center of the Keys, it’s not unusual for visitors to stay in Marathon, not only to enjoy what the town has to offer, but also to use it as a jumping off point to make day trips to other areas throughout the Keys.

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